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5th Int. Parliamentarians Conference

24-25 May 2012

Cecoforma solves last-minute logistical hassles in Turkey!

The Fifth International Parliamentarians’ Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (IPCI/ICPD) took place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 24-25 May 2012. The conference was organised by the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) and UNFPA in collaboration with the regional parliamentary forums and hosted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. IPCI Istanbul came at a very significant time for the ICPD mandate. With only two years before the Cairo agenda was expected to be complete, the conference was an excellent opportunity for parliamentarians to recommit themselves to this unfinished agenda. The European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development sought the financial and technical support of the European Commission for the organisation of the conference.


Cecoforma Events & Communication was involved in the organisation of the event as a sub-contractor hired by the European Commission to provide several key support features for the IPCI/ICPD. The key services provided by Cecoforma Events & Communication included booking travel, accommodation and per diems for several participants, providing key secretariat logistical support such as assembling a team of steward/esses to assist with the conference staffing and registration; renting all audiovisual, lighting, sound, photocopy and video equipment and assisting with the preparation of the conference materials, including conference booklet, kits, folders and assorted documentation. Altogether Cecoforma Events & Communication provided vital support to the conference and worked in harmony with the main organisers of the event. IPCI/ICPD in Istanbul would not have been the success it was without Cecoforma Events & Communication and EPF is delighted to have benefitted from such professional, courteous and useful support.

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