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21-22 March 2011

A unique occasion to present all the EU instruments for mobility and university collaboration in- and outside Europe

The unit's MEDIA Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture wanted to organise a conference aimed primarily at higher schools (highest level) providing training in broadcasting. Information relays of the MEDIA Programme, such as the MEDIA desks, were also part of the target audience.

The goals of this conference were to:


  • Stimulate new synergies and make synergies more ambitious by involving other major schools (excluding the audiovisual sector) specialised in business, communication and new technologies;
  • Promote other instruments of the Agency (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, LLP). These tools are serving colleges and universities related to the descriptions above;
  • Share good experiences encountered in the initial training projects supported by MEDIA;
  • Organise a day of business meetings and networking sessions;
  • To highlight the new challenges ahead: 3D, new media, etc.


The day began with a discussion of key challenges and opportunities to collaborate for film and AV schools/universities in Europe. This was followed by four panels to explore topical issues, such as the potential of 3D techniques, the complexity of making European TV co-production series, possibilities intrinsic to new media as a new way of telling stories and problems and good practices related to students' integration in the professional world. Cecoforma Events & Communication proposed Albert Hall as the ideal venue for the conference. Cecoforma Events & Communication also organised a 3D projection and dedicated networking spaces.

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