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Sustainable Housing Conference

23-24 November 2010

Sustainable Housing Conference during the EU Belgian Presidency

Sustainable Housing : a tool for social cohesion?

Environmental and climatic constraints weigh more heavily on our societies than ever. The EU has adopted an energy/climate plan in which ambitious housing policies have an important role to play. How to use this plan to better articulate environmental and social dimensions in our policies and practices? How to seize the opportunity of necessary investments needed to foster a new culture of energy in housing? The purpose of this event aims to highlight these issues and provide solutions.


Cecoforma Events & Communication coordinated the programme, the configuration of the venue and the logistic aspects of this event : the registration and welcoming of the participants, the catering and the technical services. Cecoforma Events & Communication also contributed to promote this event by editing a dedicated website and other communication tools. Cecoforma Events & Communication also managed the press coverage on top of the other mission.

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