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30 ans de Balteau ie

2 May 2013

"30 ans d'accords parfaits" (On the same tune for 30 years)


For its 30-year anniversary, Balteau i.e., a Liège-based company, wanted to thank and congratulate all its workers, members of staff, clients and friends, i.e. 750 guests in total. Cecoforma Events & Communication managed the whole project except for the programme of the show, which was selected by the client company. The aim was to pay tribute to one of Balteau's employees (Serge Bosch), who is passionate about opera and a member of André Rieu?s choir. With 60 other performers, he sang ?Les Étoiles musicales?. It was a raging success.

Before that, Cecoforma Events & Communication staged an introduction by two of Balteau?s executive directors (in the form of an interview by a former RTBF journalist).

After the show, a champagne walking dinner was organised for the 750 lucky guests in the Opera?s rooms.

Cecoforma Events & Communication booked the whole Opéra Royal de Liège for the evening. It was also in charge of all communication aspects of the event, including visual art, internal and external administrative follow-up (invitation management and follow-up), as well as coordination between all sub-contractors (catering, decoration, parking, etc.)

On the very same day as the event, Cecoforma Events & Communication managed to convince Sud Presse Group?s La Meuse newspaper to publish a half-page article.

A 3-minute RTBF story on the event was also broadcasted on next day?s evening news.

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