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British Business Golf Open by Cecoforma

29 June 2012

Networking for businesses in the Liège region at the Royal Golf Club of Sart Tilman

Cecoforma Events & Communication wishes to promote meetings and contacts between businesses with the aim of creating a favorable environment for business development, and to do so in a convivial and festive framework adapted to Liège, Belgium. Cecoforma aims to develop its services for Belgian businesses in order to organise memorable events that promote networking. The British Business Golf Open is the first event designed, developed and organised completely by Cecoforma Events & Communication with the goal of creating THE "Golf/Business" meeting of the year for decision makers.


Elegance, courtesy, and sportsmanship come together at the Royal Golf Club of Sart Tilman. Designed by the remarkable British architect Tom Simpson in 1939, the Sart-Tilman course in Liège is a true masterpiece. In addition to the "so British" dress code, numerous players bring their prestige to this event, which is a "must" in the world of golf: Roger Van den Stock, Jean-Michel Javaux, Xavier Malisse, Christophe Rochus, Dominique Monami, Ali Lukunku, Geert De Vlieger, Marc Degrijse, Eric Drossart, Benjamin Deceuninck and Elodie De Sélys. The day is intense. The first golfers crowd the greens by 8:30 a.m. to try to win one of the 11 competition prizes. The competition is played in fourballs, best ball (4BMB Stableford) in "fast" mode in order to facilitate exhanges and allow a greater number of players to participate in this open in one day. After prizes are distributed and following a cocktail party with "Garden Veuve Clicquot" champagne, a gala dinner brings nearly 250 guests together under a food tent. At the end of the evening, an acoustical concert by the young Tiffany Cielly crowns the day.

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