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Promotional video for the PES Group photo competition in 2016

March-May 2016

A photo competition was organised under the theme "Imagine Europe without Borders". Contestant were asked to send in a photo depicting their interpretation of a Europe without borders to win prizes including a trip to Brussel for two and photographic equipment worth up to 2.000 €

The jury was composed of Olga Zrihen, Stéphanie Bilard, Vincent Marcilhacy and Paolo Verzone.

We created a 1min13sec promotional animated video for the PES Group in the Committee of Regions. In addition to rewriting the script and producing a story board (see images bellow), we also created visuals and animation, assembled the scenes, recorded the voice-over and did the audio montage. The video first introduces the theme of borders through a voice-over that asks the viewers several questions (“Borders. Is it a framework of lines?” “How do they affect your life and the life of others?”). The voice-over then calls viewers to action, encouraging them to share their thoughts by submitting a photo to the competition (“Grab your camera, position your flash, focus your lens and show us how you picture a Europe without borders, a Europe without limits!”).


Key messages:

  • Offer European residents the opportunity to share their interpretation of a Europe without borders.

  • Contribute to the debate about borders in the European Union


Link to video: https://www.facebook.com/pesgroupcor/?fref=nf

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