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Belgian Development Cooperation Forum

8 May 2012

Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian development cooperation

Cecoforma is organising the fifth major meeting on Belgian development cooperation

Every year since 2008, the General Directorate for Development within the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs has organised a conference on Belgian development cooperation. All development cooperation stakeholders are involved, including: federal and regional administrations, civil society actors, representatives of local councils and municipalities.


The main purpose of this forum is to stimulate debate on the support Belgium provides to developing countries, the main goal being to improve the support and make it more efficient. On the fringe of the fifth Conference, the FPS Foreign Affairs is organising the first ever Belgian Development Cooperation Forum.


From 25 April to 15 May 2012, stunning and provocative exhibitions are planned for public display, right across the country.  The aim of the Forum, beyond spreading information, is to raise awareness of development cooperation amongst the public at large, and to change public behaviour. The public - especially young people - are asking a lot of questions about today's world and the way in which everyday life is shaped by the processes of globalisation in the realms of commerce, health, migration, food and the environment, and more. Many are looking for answers, or for means of getting involved. In order to get face to face with the public, eight voluntary sector or academic organisations have begun an unprecedented programme of awareness-raising through new technologies, photography, social networks, or even street actions.


Cecoforma Events & Communication has organised all the logistical services which are necessary for the campaigns - one of which took place over four weeks - to be organised in a coordinated and synchronised way. In particular, Cecoforma Events & Communication coordinated public awareness-raising activities, taking place from 25 April to 15 May 2012. Cecoforma Events & Communication has also taken on the responsability of the transport and accommodation for invited participants. For the Conference, Cecoforma Events & Communication has organised the accreditation and welcome services for the 450 participants at the Palais d'Egmont.


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