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27-29 October 2010

Cecoforma's innovative approach to a conference on innovation

Europe INNOVA aims to develop and promote new tools for supporting innovation, especially in SMEs. With that goal in mind, this conference will meet every two years to bring together the key actors in innovation at the European level. The third meeting was in Wallonia during the Belgian Presidency of the European Union. One of the unique challenges posed by this event was organising it across several sites (Palace of Congress, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Guillemins Station).


Cecoforma Events & Communication conceived and developed a promotional campaign and an arrangement of conference spaces that would be aligned with the forum's "innovative" spirit.
For the gala dinner on the second day, the agency envisaged a central marquee with three "pagodas" installed on the western platform of Guillemins station in Liège. Cecoforma Events & Communication created conference bags that were a real hit among participants.
Obviously, Cecoforma Events & Communication also took care of the logistical aspect of this conference (travel, hotels, shuttles) as well as the technical matters (equipment, audio-visual, interpretation, lighting, signage)
The result? An event perfectly in tune with its central theme, where organisational excellence created memorable moments.

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