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1st European Consumer Summit

1-2 April 2009

With the expansion of online shopping, the European Commission gathers feedback from consumers on future regulation of the digital marketplace

The purpose of the European Consumer Summit was to review the challenges and opportunities of online shopping - for consumers, businesses, consumer advocates and policy-makers. Its outcome served to inform future policy-making and to create synergies between stakeholders. The Summit was as interactive and participatory as possible: not only were consumers invited and physically present, but others were able to follow the discussions via web-streaming as well. Those consumers who followed the discussions through the net could to interact with the speakers through a functional mailbox that was monitored throughout the Summit.

Building on a pre-event on the first day geared towards gathering European citizens' views and concerns as consumers operating in the digital world, the subsequent Summit took a first step towards formulating the most appropriate response to emerging issues.


Cecoforma Events & Communication projected a scenario for the Summit and coordinated the logistics in close collaboration with DG SANCO. Cecoforma Events & Communication produced visibility items such as conference kits, badges and signage (banners, posters and roll-ups). It also managed a dedicated website, interpreters, hostesses, travel, accommodation and catering. Key challenges included the organisation of a pre-event discussion between Commissioner Kuneva and EU consumers in 22 languages as well as a gala dinner with a jazz concert in the famous Autoworld building in Brussels.

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