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May - October 2010 Shanghaï, China

Four months to build and set up the six-month exhibition and conference cycle at the EU Pavilion in China

The European Union participated in the World Expo in Shanghai as China's main economic partner.
Given the practical difficulties of setting up its own separate pavilion, the EU agreed to share premises with Belgium, which held the EU Presidency at the time of the Shanghai Expo.
There were some 30 000 visitors to the pavilion each day, with 5 million visitors in total. The European Commission awarded the construction, installation and maintenance of the pavilion to Cecoforma Events & Communication. The mission was thus to manage all the technical constraints but also to provide qualified personnel for welcome, security, maintenance and cleaning. It was also to assist the European Commission in the activities of the pavilion which hosted no less than one hundred events.


The contract covered a period of 11 months, i.e. approximately five months for the construction, installation and dismantling of the pavilion and six months for the maintenance during the complete period of the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO.
Throughout the entire contract period, Cecoforma Events & Communication maintained a representative office on-site with a core team of European experts. It was also backed by a team of specialists and it hired Chinese staff to ensure appropriate understanding and effective communication with the Chinese authorities, especially during the planning and on-site implementation.
As Cecoforma Events & Communication was the sole subcontractor present during the entire duration of the EXPO, Cecoforma Events & Communication necessarily fulfilled tasks which were outside the initial framework of the contract. For example, it helped meet the objectives of the European Commission in terms of participation.

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