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NOCEBAU - Nicolas Moulin

« Il y a chez Nicolas Moulin une poétique de la désuétude, où tout ce qui est à peine construit est aussitôt perçu comme un vestige obsolète de notre histoire. »
? Eric Mangion, Villa Arson, Nice. Extraits du catalogue Prix Marcel Duchamp 2009


Nicolas Moulin, born in Paris in 1970, lives and works in Berlin.


An artist representative of French digital art, he uses photography, sculpture and video to reconstruct landscapes and reinterpret breathtaking architecture.


Nicolas Moulin became known in 2001 with the iconic VIDER PARIS with its distressing images of concrete buildings where the streets of Paris are emptied of all life. The artist is interested in urban mythologies, both architectural and technological. He often refers to film and to the movements of the twentieth century - Russian constructivist sculpture, German expressionist cinema, ultra-modernist architecture or authors of science fiction literature.

SPYK exhibition - OPEN

6-9 June 2013 - Espace Uhoda, Li├Ęge