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European Consumer Summit 2014

1 to 2 April 2014, Cecoforma Event & Communication holded in Brussels the sixth European Consumer Summit.

Cecoforma was chosen by the European Commission to organise all the seminars and conferences during the two days and to ensure the overall communication of the event.

The digital economy brings great benefits for consumers, but also raises important questions about consumers’ rights online.

Six seminars will be available :

  •  Connectivity : preparing the grounds for tomorrow’s needs
  •  EU Rights For Online Consumers : progress, gaps, and future challenges
  • Online Payments : are they safe and beneficial for consumers?
  •  Trust Online : enhancing trust through intermediaries, trustworthy consumer reviews and beyond?
  •  Digital Literacy : what skills do consumers need in online shopping and social media?
  •  New Deals : consumers driving innovation enabled by the digital technologies


For more informations on this event : http://www.european-consumer-summit.eu/2014/

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